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from by Riot Porn

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*creation despoiled*

well were headed for the brink again
a steady march to the end
as certain as the passing of time

a spurned chance to make amens
treasure grasped till the bitter end
resolute in our rapid decline

production expanding
inequality everlasting
the appetite of beasts
seeking increase

empire strikes in foreign lands
a motley gang at its command
carnage is but a trivial concern

earth and bone cannot withstand
their imperative to expand
most of us lament and watch it burn

cheap labour and oil
creation despoiled
the appetite of beasts
seeking increase

but when will it cease?

*the flood*

for millennia we’ve roamed the earth in harmonic motion
completely in awe of the mountains and the oceans
but those with reason and hubris have extracted and stolen
ceaselessly ravaging until their command was broken

armageddon wrought upon this whole place by men
the planet shakes them off so that she can breathe again
death and devastation by massive storms and floods
every species and every prophet screaming out for human blood

she knows no mercy, she don’t give a fuck
we all pay the price for megalomaniacs run amok
the final cataclysm caused by men and their labour
will be in the end executed by the force of nature

when the oceans rise and the heavens fall
all your wealth and position will be buried in the squall


i stare into a vacant lot
no one left in the house where my friend used to live
you tried too hard to fix your head
you ripped yourself apart instead

come back from the dead
i’m calling you
soon youll have no one left to hold on to
your eyes are empty like a grey city sky
opaque fog closes in all i see is taillights

i see you slippin down come back around
a dying scream but i hear no sound


from Riot Porn, released June 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Riot Porn Montreal, Québec

Riot Porn is a lefty punk band from Montreal.


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