by Riot Porn



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released March 21, 2013



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Riot Porn Montreal, Québec

Riot Porn is a lefty punk band from Montreal.


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Track Name: Part II
How history's repeating - how we knew we'd see you again
As the ancien regime crashes down it's up to us to decide what follows in its tracks
Like in Spain, 1936 the left will join up with the Hellenic anarchists,
and through guerilla warfare in the street we'll extinguish the threat of the fascists
Golden Dawn is growing fast their offices will soon be ash what started at home and then abroad in days past
history will not repeat the work of comrades we'll complete.
like it or not the die is cast
[chorus x2]
Track Name: No Peace
It took [ONE] time seein a cop beat a guy to radicalize a single brick flew through the air to start the chant 'lets stand and fight'
[TWO] layers of glass to smash that protects the Banque Nationale, grab the teller by the tie screamin GUERRE AU CAPITALE
[THREE] commin in with the masses, got masks for the gasses, brought bottles not plastic, tryin' to abolish all classes, we fightin them fascists
[FOUR] - swarm! fuck the norm, lootin them shops and the liquer stores, rippin up pavement to fight this war when there's pigs in the streets no peace no more

Smash the windows - follow along
Put the trash in the street where it belongs
We do our voting with sticks and stones,
Fire hydrants, and big orange cones
and call our friends on wire-tapped phones
Track Name: Election Blues
"L'Etat Quebecois va tous nous liberer"
Laisse moi rire ça va etre pire on va toujours etre cibler
Le Parti Quebecois dans le poches du patronat
Y vont aussi nous fourrer lorseque leur chance est la
J'ai aucune confiance, yo sa pas d'bon sens
avec l'etat les bourgeois aurions toujours l'influence

Les choses vont mal
et j'ai envie d'crier
ceux qui veulent changement
sont toujours menacer
c'a pas d'allure
les gens manifestent fort
il y a des coches partout
mais la justice nulle part
Track Name: Buzzkill
Bill Nye the science guy mixes cough syrup iodine and lye, alongside the CIA promote population decay.
Anslinger is to Reagan what Hearst is to Fox - they all wanna make sure we end up in the box
Track Name: Le Goût d'une Matraque
Sa sert a rien de rester assis a terre quand les austi'd flics ont toujours le feu vert, y font ce qu'ils veulent et y ont plain d'practique alors vos fucking geules avec on reste pacifique. C'est vraiment dommage ils avancent 'clac clac clac' et la les pacifists comprennent le gout d'une matraque - des fois sa prend plus que des mots pour apprendre pourquoi hair le drapeau
Il faut que le jour arrive ou il aurons peur de nous, nous allons prendre la rue avec un seul coup. unis, munis, pres pour quoi que se sois, on se revoit aux barricades, continuons le combat! [x2]

La bourgeoisie connais qu'une language, c'est greve, blockage pi sabotage...