Squamish Session (Tape)

by Riot Porn

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Recorded at a jamspace in Squamish, B.C.


released August 13, 2017

T.K. - Bass
Jon - Drums
Emily - Vocals
Derek - Guitars, Vocals



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Riot Porn Montreal, Québec

Riot Porn is a lefty punk band from Montreal.


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Track Name: Sanguine
salvation comes in sanguine
I'm colourblind I just see grey
I can't feel the gunshots you do I can't see the smoke
but my heart breaks for you

you've got a long walk ahead
wonder if you'll make it anywhere
with detonations and impending misery

panic and blood stain the streets
you wonder where your friends are
you haven't seen a smiling face in weeks

all your life has come to this
all your life has come to this
take some time to reminisce

wonder why you
wonder why not me
Track Name: Verdun
somebody somewhere is screaming all the time
what the hell happened to all those lost cats?

spiders everywhere you gotta keep your door locked
I wanna get me a big dog to keep me safe from harm
wasted old man on a six a.m. mission to god

you can wear your hair down but you had better not
this song is about verdun
it may as well be anywhere
Track Name: Pay your Debts
pay your debts and follow our rules
rob the weak and close their schools

sell off the commons and shatter their dreams
don't speak to me of dignity you don't have the means

left wing rule in a debtor nation?
we'll ruin you for generations

selling the commons and sowing the seeds
of a postmodern version of the 1930s

sell off the commons and shatter their dreams
don't speak to me of dignity you don't have the means
Track Name: Hellbent
desperation can't help but feel doomed
a world of depravity I orbit like a moon

don't feel trapped by the machine
hellbent on destruction
we will not be redundant

undermine their dark intentions bring chaos to their plan

don't feel cloned and obsolete
don't let them stop you
we will not be redundant
Track Name: Solitude
no one can ever know
exactly how it feels
to be anybody else

what does that say about us
what does that say about me
privilege should have more time to listen
and less time to speak

I used to be proud of who I was
sometimes I even thought I'd done enough
what the fuck have I done lately
wonder if those who struggle hate me

we scream 'where's the love' like its a cliche
you think we forgot how to live that way
we never did
all we ever know was hate
this time hate just has a different face

all the players play a different game
but its all the same
don't forget that
never fool yourself